Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Willard Klint Jones

Let us introduce you to Willard Klint Jones...he is almost one, better late than never right??  He was born on August 22, 2012.  He is our little miracle baby.  I can't thank Dr. Johnson enough for thinking outside the box and trying things other doctors didn't think of.

I LoVEd being pregnant.  The only problem I had was super bad headaches my second trimester but other than that.  Seriously enjoyed it (I probably just don't remember the bad things now because it was over a year ago)!
This is me 8 1/2 months pregnant.  Going to a Neil Diamond concert!  This is my "Neil and Will" shirt
We went in on Friday for our last check up and had a gift bag for Dr. Johnson and his staff!  We were grinning ear to ear.  He had us scheduled to go in on Monday to meet little Willard.  Dr. Johnson came in and checked me and I was dilated to a three which was had been the case for the past three weeks.  He said, "Well when are we going to have this baby?"  I said, "MONDAY!!!"  He looked puzzled.  He said, "Oh do we have it scheduled???"  My smile quickly turned into a blank stare....was he joking?   He left the room to check and came back and said, "Do you want your gift back??  We didn't schedule you and the hospital is booked.  You will have to wait until Tuesday night."  I acted like it was no big deal but what I really wanted to do is jump off the table and ring his neck with his tie!!

Tuesday night Ryan and I went to my dad's for a father's blessing.  He blessed me with comfort and said that Willard would grow up to be a powerful missionary and would be a very righteous young man from the time he is little.  He said he was meant to come at this time, not sooner like we had hoped.

Then we went for our "Last Super"  to kneaders for our favorite french dip sandwich.  Here is us on our way to the hospital...just imagine a full term pregnant chick jumping into this freaking huge jeep.  My car was in the shop.  Talk about contractions!

We got there exactly on time: 6pm.  We checked in and they showed us our room, Labor and Delivery Room 6.  Then they left us sitting there for an hour...we had no idea what was going on.  I think they may have forgotten about us.  They finally came in and had me get dressed in my lovely robe.  Then they hooked me up to the machines.  The nurse said, "Wow!  Are you feeling these contractions??"  I had no idea I was even having any contractions.  I guess they were pretty strong and regular.  I was still only dilated to a three so they decided to give me a medicine to slow down my contractions...seems opposite of what to do, but they said I need to dilate more.  So what else are you to do?  We had a party.  

Everyone came and we laughed and played on our phones, sewed, sudoko and just talked.  The room was full of our favorite people.  Then around 9pm they gave me a sleeping pill and some plug thing (sorry gross!) that is supposed to soften the downstairs.  I was OUT!  I think that was the best I slept in a long time.  My mom came in the next morning, who knows how early, and woke us both up.  You would think she was the one having the baby.  They checked me and it was starting to work so they started me on the petocin.  More waiting was in store so we had more of a party.  Even the brothers came to party.  My dad brought lunch, which was so rude because it smelt so good and I couldn't have any!  I was still in no pain.  I could feel pressure but it was a breeze so far.  

The nurse came in and asked if I wanted my epideral.  I told her I wasn't feeling any pain and my mom piped up and said, "SHE WANTS IT!"  My mom thinks I am the weakest person ever, I swear.  But I was afraid if I waited too long it would be too late so I caved and it told them I was ready.  While I was getting the epideral, Natalie, my sis, was watching and the Anesthesiologist was flirting BIG TIME!  He even said (word for word), "You look familiar!  Let me see your back side (checked her butt out) then said, well I don't recognize you from the hospital."  Well maybe not word for word because I can't remember but he totally checked out her butt.  She didn't even realize how bad it was but when he left we all started laughing.  I was like, "Hello....over know I'm the patient!!!"  After I started feeling numb, I got really light headed and started bawling for no reason and just wanted Ryan to lay by me.  It was super weird.  

Getting my epideral
Finally by 3:30 pm, August 22nd, they had me start pushing.  I pushed two times and they told me to stop because he was coming.  They called the Dr and the nurse sat at my cha cha because Willard was right there ready to come.   I also had Ryan, my mom, Kelle, Erin, and Natalie in the room with me.  I was so scared so when they were leaving to go out I begged them to stay.  The nurses couldn't find Dr. Johnson.  They even called his wife looking for him.  45 minutes later, Dr Johnson came in rolling up his sleeves. 
Dr. Johnson, miracle man
Yep, that's Natalie videoing with strict instructions not to get my downstairs....totally got it.  Woof I almost puked watching it!  

Three pushes later Willard was here at 4:49 pm  weighing in at 7 pounds 7 ounces and 21 inches long (the exact same as Ryan and even 5 minutes from the time) He had tons of black hair...I don't know where he got that from!!!

Instant Love

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Zion's National Park: Heart Attack

In February Natalie asked us if we could watch Alex for the weekend.  It was President's day and we had nothing planned.  Kresta and Brandon were heading down to St. George to see Kresta's mom so we decided last minute to tag along. 

The ride down was quite the eye opener of what we have ahead of us.  Pool little Alex would not eat his dinner when we stopped to eat.  We tried to buy a couple different options but he still wouldn't eat anything.  We were almost to St. George and he said his tummy hurt and we told him (because we are mean) that it was because he didn't eat his dinner...5 seconds later he threw up!  All over the car seat, his clothes, etc.  Me being 3 months pregnant, was already feeling sick, but after that I wanted to throw up too.  Ryan proved to me that he is going to be the BEST dad ever because he took care of everything.  We stripped Alex down to his undies and tried to change him as fast as we could because he was shivering because it was so cold.  Ryan tried to clean the throw up as best as we could and I found clean clothes. 

Please don't judge us...but we were in the middle of no where and so there was no way to clean the car seat out completely so instead of putting him back in it I held him on my lap until the nearest exit.  It is a good thing too because sure enough another 5 minutes went by and we were screaming for Ryan to pull over and once again he threw up but this time on the side of the road.  Cute little Alex was so patient with us first timer parents. 

The rest of the trip was lots of fun.  We went to Zion's and that is also were we realized how scary it is going to be to be parents.  As we were on our hike the kids were running around it was giving us a heart attack watching them get way too close to the edge of the cliff. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

We had the BEST Christmas EvER.  I call it the Miracle Christmas....Look what we got on christmas Eve.....


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Going to work with Dad Day

Cowboy loves to go to work with "Dad".  He goes in the sweeper with Ryan everyday! I need to find him a reflective vest to wear and a hard hat :)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy Holidays from Halloween-now

Wow, I have a lot to catch up on!  We are doing wonderful!  I was just telling Ryan the other day that I am very content with where we are at right now.  I still want a baby a ton but Cowboy, our new puppy, is keeping me busy :). 


We were able to get a chance to meet with a beautiful girl who wanted to meet us to see if we might be the parents to her cute little boy on the way.  I was so nervous I lost 10 lbs the week before our meeting!!

We met and really fell in love with her and her baby.  The agency said they normally don't let you meet unless they decide first that you are going to be the parents...but she wanted to meet which I don't blame her at all.  I would want to too if I was in her shoes. The agency allowed the visit because she was only interested in us and had only emailed us.   She was so adorable.  I still get a little sad just typing about it.  She decided to go in another direction.  We don't know if she picked someone else or if she decided to keep her baby.  Either way it was part of our adoption journey and really opened our eyes.  Ryan was SOOO excited to have a boy!  We had a lot of sleepless nights just day dreaming of being parents.  It was so neat to finally have those feeling with Ryan.  It made us a lot closer and made us realize that Heavenly Father does have a plan for us.  Overall, I am thankful for the opportunity and not for one second was I upset with this birth mother.  She showed courage and love.  We wish her the best of luck for the future. 


Our friends begged us to have the party this year again even though neither of us really wanted to have it at our house. I'm glad we did though because, like always, it was tons of fun! Preston and Megan came finally this year, he always has to work, their costume was the best!

Halloween Pyramid Game
Crystal's cute puddings
Mr. Potato Head

Hawaiin Punch aka Jackie and John

She painted his stomach!  I thought it was so good.

Megan and Preston, Preston is the dude that is in prison right now with tatts all over his face.

Matt and Morgan

Holly and Jon Waitress and Cook
Whit, Aftyn, and wendy

Mr. and Mrs Potato head, Thanks Krest for letting us use your costumes!
Crystal and Rj came as a bra :)
Edward and Jacob haha

Park City Haunted Tour:

Crystal had me and Jackie buy tickets off of City Deals for this Park City Haunted Tour.  It was actually a lot of fun other than RJ's driving scared us all to death :) You just walk around old main street and hear stories about how they think Park City is haunted. 

This building is an old hotel that was in business a couple of times but 3x they have had different owners because the owners get so freaked out about what goes on inside.  It has sat empty for the last 4 years because no one wants it.

 Fishing with Jackie, Rylan, and John:

We have gotten so much use out of the fishing pond. I was working one day and Jackie text me if I knew where any fishing ponds were because John and Rylan had never been fishing. I was like "Hello! Jackie we have one up at the cabin!" They came up and had so much fun. Rylan is seriously the cutest kid ever!

He caught this catepillar and John and Ryan were so mean and used it as bait :(

Klint and BJ also were there!

Ryan was working late one Friday night so I invited Rylan and Alex and Jackie to Boondocks.  Rylan and Alex loved playing together.  They loved the volcanoe that blew up fire at the mini golf...Rylan stood really far away from it. When the fire came up Alex would say, "Holy Freakin Cow!"

Alex's hair in the morning
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Ryan's Birthday

For Ryan's birthday we did something a little different than we usually do (we usually celebrate it during the Halloween party).  We bought some pumpkins from Brother Sill in our ward and had Ryan's family over and all carved pumpkins.  It was sooo much fun.  I feel bad because he wasn't super excited with the presents I got him.  He already has everything he wants!!  I got him ear plugs for skeet shooting, gun cleaning kit (which I guess he already has), but he was super excited about his fly fishing pole case we got at Cabellas the day of his birthday.  He loves that store.  I love how pationate he is about fishing.  He goes at least 3 times a week.  Like I said earlier, we are so happy right now in our lives, I don't think I have seen Ryan more happy...he always is super happy usually but for some reason the past six months we both are just really happy, it's hard to explain. 

Kelle and Aimee

Derek and date

All Ryan wanted to do on his birthday was to go to Cabela's

Cabella's fish tanks are also Ryan's favorite thing lately. 
Ryan's new fish tank and LBH wanting dinner


I bought a deer hunting tag so that Ryan could go hunting for his first time.  My family is REALLY into hunting so when I married Ryan they could NOT believe that he didn't have his hunting license.  He is now signed up to take it with Jayden, Klint, and Kresta!  We didn't get a deer but we were there when Jon got his deer.


I had surgery.  It is supposed to help us get pregnant.  We will see if it works.  If not, we are still on the adoption list.  I have so many friends and family that came and took care of me.  I guess I was pretty loopy.  I'm all better now and feel really good! 

We got an addition to our family !!! 

We got him the day before Thanksgiving.  I had been looking at dogs for a couple of weeks at adoption agencies and the pound etc.  I found Cowboy on ksl and fell in love with him.  I went and looked at him and loved him even more.  Then Ryan and I went and looked at another dog and she was not the right dog for us!  So that night the people called us again about Cowboy and they lived in Morgan and so I begged Ryan if we could go and just "Look" at him on the way to the cabin.  He said sure...then I asked if we could get some dog food just in case to take up to the cabin....haha he realized that there was probably no hope and that we were going to get him if we got food, collar, and a leash :) 

Even though Ryan doesn't admit it and says he is my dog...he feel in love with him.  I could tell the moment he saw him.  He is such a good puppy.  He is a German Short Hair/Border Collie mix.  We were going to call him Burton and call him Burt for short, then Boots because he has boots but it reminded Ryan of Dora and Boots...we finally picked Cowboy!! 

About Cowboy:

-He loved his squeeky football the best
-He loves his cousins Missy and Brownie
-He crawls all over...I seriously need to record it because it's hilarious.  It's a full on army crawl
-He wants to be friends with the cats but they are being a little snobby right now
-He thinks the Vacuum is hurting us because he barks and attacks it
-He loves "Going to work with dad" days
-He LOVES naps with us

Puppy's first night at the cabin

He is asleep under the covers!

If we lay down he will stop playing and come nap by us

He LOVES his toys


We slept over at the cabin Thanksgiving eve so we could be there for the annual skeet shooting contest.  Kresta won for the girls and BJ won for the boys.  It was tons of fun.  Kresta, Treasure, and Rielee were all new this year so it was fun that they actually came out this year!!

Then we went down to spend the day with the Jones'.  It was at Shelly and Ron's this year.  It was delicious!  Bronson and Abby and Jamie and Daniel were there too with their kids.  Cowboy came and had his first accident!  Shelly said we are even now because Cowboy peed on her carpet and before my mission we went horseback riding and she was laughing so hard she peed her pants on the saddle :) haha

Cowboy and Henrie
Then that night we went up to the cabin again for Pie.  The next day we went and cut our christmas tree down.  It is perfect other then it curves at the much that we can't put our star on it.  I love getting our own trees though because they aren't perfect! 

Alex and Krew came and kept yelling up the mountain to check on us and to tell us to be safe
 Then on Saturday we went snowboarding with the whole family at Wolf Creek.  We all got season passes up there.  It is going to be so fun.  Even if it's only two lifts!  It was still super fun!  Otis was so adorable.  He loved it.  He was about as wide as he was tall with all of his winter clothes on. 

Happy Holidays!!